Hello! I'm Andrei Lavrenov.

Full Stack Developer

I love motorcycles and technology.

- Bachelor's Degree in MCT at Howest
- Currently employed at Volta in Antwerp, Belgium

Work experience

Junior Web Developer

I am currently working fulltime for Volta, a creative communication bureau in Antwerp. I am responsible for setting up, configuring and creating themes for new Drupal websites for customers using JavaScript, Twig & Tailwind I also work with React.js and Vue.js to solve more complex problems like filters, and I help mange AWS and other hosting used by the company.


I have created a website for Poortcentrum, an aliminium gate company based in Booischot. I was responsible for everything, from the initial contact and design to development and hosting.

I have also created posters and other media for various companies, details of which you can find in my projects.

Intern at Crystal Spring in Kazakhstan

This internship was in relation to my Bachelor Degree of Media & Creative Technology. An internship in relation to my Bachelor Degree of Media & Creative Technologies. I primarily worked on their banking front-end in React. I added new functionality, greatly optimized local search performance, fixed bugs and updated the layout to the client's requirements.

Intern at the Federal Police of Belgium

This internship was in relation to my Associate Degree of Industrial Informatics. I was tasked with creating a tool for internal use that would create mock apis and populate them with data so they would be able to test internal tools without accessing real protected information